The ultimate image editor for WIX.

Need an online photo/image editor which is integrated with your Wix site?

Basic Adjust

You can crop, rotate or resize images in a few clicks. Easy to use image filters allows you to to create beautiful effects for your photos.

Add Text

Add texts to the canvas and customize them using rich set of text settings (Google fonts are supported).

Add Image

You can add as many image as you want to the canvas. Palleon is fully integrated with Wix Media Manager.

Photo Frames

Palleon comes with ready to use photo frames that you can add to your images easily.

Add Shape

Palleon comes with over 130 customizable svg shapes. Just use your imagination.

Element Library

Meet our fast growing element library. Elements are carefully selected svg files that can be used on any kind of design.

Add Icon

Palleon comes with hundreds of ready to use modern icons which are suitable to use for any purpose. With Iconfinder integration, you can browse 200k+ high-quality royalty free svg icons too.


Palleon comes with useful apps such as QR code generator, barcode generator, triangle art, multiavatar, cryptocurrency and country flags.
More apps will be added soon!

Free Drawing

You can paint anything you wish using free drawing brushes. The limit is your imagination.


You can lock/unlock, show/hide, clone or delete any layer with ease from the panel. You can also drag&drop layers to change their orders.


Wix Media Manager

Palleon is fully integrated with Wix Media Manager. You can browse your images and upload/save new images to your media gallery with ease.

Pexels and Pixabay Integrations

With Pexels and Pixabay integrations, you can browse millions of high-quality royalty free stock images from the image editor.

Iconfinder Integration

Palleon comes with hundreds of ready to use modern icons which are suitable to use for any purpose. But with Iconfinder integration, you can browse 200k+ high-quality royalty free svg icons from the image editor with ease.


Light & Dark Themes

Palleon comes with 2 themes. You can switch between these light and dark themes from settings anytime you wish.

Don't want to start from scratch?

Our Fast Growing Template Library Is For You.

template library
template library
Collage Templates

Just replace the placeholders with your images and you are done.

template library
Banners Ads

Create attractive banners for the potential customers.

template library
Social Media

Create beautiful banners for the social media.

Seamless integration with
AI Image Generation APIs.

Palleon is integrated to, DALL-E (by OpenAI) and Clipdrop (by API's. Generate high-quality images from text descriptions. Create variations of the image, change/remove objects or fix details on the image. Just enter a prompt or tune a few settings and relax. Artificial intelligence do the rest for you!

stable diffusion
stable diffusion
stable diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a powerful tool that can be used to create stunning images. It become one of the most popular image generation models due to its ability to generate realistic and detailed images.

DALL-E is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. DALL-E was developed by AI vendor OpenAI.

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Clipdrop API's

You can have artificial intelligence do the work in a very short time that would normally take your hours.
Stay tuned for new upcoming Clipdrop APIs!

Text To Image

Heavily optimized (built on top of Stable Diffusion) for extreme speed and provides the fastest API for generating high-quality images from text.


You can simply remove unwanted objects from your image with this tool. Based on artificial intelligence, this API enables you to do inpainting and remove flaws from photographs, such as strangers in the background or blemishes on portraits.


The reimagine API endpoint allows you create variation of your image, similar but different, within a click.


You can use this tool to transform your low resolution image into an ultra sharp high resolution image. Leaning on advanced computer vision algorithms you can upscale your image up to 4096x4096px.

Sketch To Image

Generate an image corresponding to the sketch and the prompt describing what you expect.

Remove Background

With the ClipDrop background removal API, you can quickly remove the background of any image with incredible accuracy without having to do a bunch of extra work.

Replace Background

Send an image with a prompt to teleport your items anywhere with high fidelity using ClipDrop background replacement API.

Remove Text

This tool lets you effortlessly remove text from images. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually editing images, and enjoy the ease of seamless and accurate text removal with just a few clicks.

Other Key Features


You can favorite templates, frames and elements you like, to be able to find them easily later.


You can undo or redo your actions. History feature allows you to browse all stored actions and restore any one as you want.

Image Compress

You can shrink JPEG and WEBP images to the minimum possible size while keeping the required level of quality.

Supported Formats

You can save or download anything you've created with Palleon as PNG, JPG, SVG, WEBP or JSON (Template). DPI setting allow you to get print-ready files.

Easily Share

You can easily share saved images by copying URLs or using social media sharing buttons.

Google Fonts

Palleon comes with thousands of Google Fonts ready to use.


You can use Palleon to watermark your images by adding a text in a few clicks.

Lightweight And Fast

Palleon built on a modern structure that uses modern technologies like ajax and lazyload.

Regular Updates

We regularly update the plugin to add new features and to fix compatibility issues.

Pricing & Plans

Palleon is free to use and always will be, but you can boost your Palleon with the pro plan!


Choose your plan


$ 0 /mo


$ 9.99 /mo
Wix Media Manager Access
Crop, Rotate, Resize Images
Image Adjustment Tools
Rich Text & Image Modules
SVG Photo Frames, Shapes And Icons
Drawing/Erasing Brushes
Drag&Drop Layers
Upload/Download Template
AI Image Generation Tools
Pexels & Pixabay Integrations
Iconfinder Integration
Premium SVG elements
Template Library
QR Code & Barcode Generators
All Other Apps
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Are the API's free to use?

Pexels, Pixabay and Iconfinder APIs are free to use with the PRO plan., Clipdrop and OpenAI APIs (AI Image Generation Tools) are charged as you use them.

You can sign up to the API's for free and create personal API keys to get started. All new users are granted a small amount of free credits upon creating an account. After depleting your free credits, additional credits can be purchased.

Credits are required to use the API. All new users are granted 25 free credits upon creating an account. Your 25 initial free credits represent approximately 50 images with the API's default settings. After depleting your free credits, additional credits can be purchased via your account page. Credits can be purchased in any desired amount, with a minimum $10 purchase for 1000 credits.

Credits are required to use the API. All new users are granted worth $5 free credits upon creating an account. Your worth $5 free credits represent approximately 250 images. After depleting your free credits, additional credits can be purchased.

Once logged in, you can claim 100 free ClipDrop APIs credits. Once the 100 images have been consumed, further calls will be rejected. You can purchase more credits from the pricing page.

Pretty Awesome,
Isn't It?

Our library keeps growing and new features are on the way. Get started now and add a feature-rich image editor to your Wix site for free!

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