All In One Intranet Solution For WordPress.

You no longer need to use a bloated theme and a bunch of plugins to create your own intranet platform. Pwork works with any theme and comes with everything you need!


Your Personal Dashboard

The user dashboard includes drag-and-drop sortable widgets that provide users with data specific to their needs and actions to take. Widgets can be enabled or disabled easily.


News &

A platform where you can share company news, updates and announcements with your team. It's similar to a WordPress blog but only for your team members...


The discussion forum helps your team improve communication and knowledge sharing. Tags and a search box allow users to easily find what they are looking for.



This is where your team can collaborate on projects and track progress. Notification emails are sent to members when a new event occurs, such as a completed task.


An event calendar is a tool used to manage and organize events, meetings, and tasks. It allows you to inform your team members about upcoming events with its user-friendly interface.

events calendar
user directory


Each user has a profile page that summarizes information about the user. The user directory allows your team to easily find contact information and communicate with each other.


The built-in private messaging system allows your members to chat with users in their contacts in a secure environment.

messages calendar
file library


Pwork comes with a centralized document storage that is a secure and organized location for storing and sharing your company documents, policies, and files.

Manage Everything From Your WordPress Dashboard

pwork news
PW News
pwork forum
PW Forum
pwork projects
PW Projects
pwork events
PW Events
pwork file library
PW Files
Why Choose Pwork

Other Key Features

User Settings

Users can edit everything on their profile, including profile details, contact information, and email notification preferences.

Role-Based Access

You can choose which user roles are allowed to add new posts, projects, topics, send private messages, or upload files.

Email Notifications

Users receive notification emails about new activities if they have enabled in their profile settings.

Lightweight And Fast

Pwork is built on a modular structure using modern technologies such as Bootstrap 5 and AJAX. You can disable features you will not use.

Highly Compatible

Pwork works on a dedicated area on your site. This makes the plugin highly compatible with all other plugins and your theme.

Regular Updates

We regularly update the plugin to add new features and to keep the plugin secure, stable and fast.


Pwork comes with an advanced settings panel which allow you to disable features you will not use, restrict access to certain areas, change logo etc.

plugin settings

Pretty Awesome,
Isn't It?

Easily create your own secure intranet platform on any WordPress site.

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