The ultimate WordPress image editor for everyone.

Need an online photo/image editor which is integrated with your WordPress site? Meet Palleon.

Basic Adjust

You can crop, rotate or resize images in a few clicks. Easy to use image filters allows you to to create beautiful effects for your photos.

Add Text

Add texts to the canvas and customize them using rich set of text settings (Google fonts are supported).

Add Image

You can add as many image as you want to the canvas. Palleon is fully integrated with WordPress media library.

Photo Frames

Palleon comes with ready to use photo frames that you can add to your images easily.

Add Shape

You can use the shapes on any part of your designs. Shapes are fully customizable. Use your imagination.

Element Library

Meet our fast growing element library. Elements are carefully selected svg files that can be used on any kind of design.

Add Icon

Palleon comes with hundreds of ready to use modern icons which are suitable to use for any purpose.

QR Code

Generate SVG QR Codes with a few clicks. You can use QR Codes to share your website, email address, photo, product, location and more.

Free Drawing

You can paint anything you wish using free drawing brushes. The limit is your imagination.


You can lock/unlock, show/hide, clone or delete any layer with ease from the panel. You can also drag&drop layers to change their orders.

Canvas Rulers

You can align objects and fix spacing issues using canvas rulers and easy-to-create drag & drop guides.


WordPress Media Library Integration

Palleon is fully integrated with WordPress media library. Users can select new images from the library or upload images to the library without leaving the photo editor.

Pexels and Pixabay Integrations

With Pexels and Pixabay integrations, you can browse millions of high-quality royalty free stock images from the image editor.

Light & Dark Themes

Palleon comes with 2 themes. Users can switch between these light and dark themes. If you are familiar with CSS, you can add your custom styles from the plugin settings.

Don't want to start from scratch?

Our Fast Growing Template Library Is For You.

template library
Easy to use

Select a template from the library or create and save a template to use it later.

custom templates
Custom Templates

Extend the library by creating your own templates and elements from WordPress dashboard with ease.

template library
Collage Templates

Just replace the placeholders with your images and you are done.

template library
Banners Ads

Create attractive banners for the potential customers.

template library
Social Media

Create beautiful banners for the social media.

Why Choose Palleon

Other Key Features

Highly Compatible

Palleon works on a dedicated area on WordPress dashboard. This makes the plugin highly compatible with all other plugins and themes.

Lightweight And Fast

Palleon built on a modern structure that uses modern technologies like ajax and lazyload. Required files are loaded only if you need them.

Clean Code

We strictly follow WordPress guidelines and latest coding standards to keep Palleon secure, stable and fast.

Palleon Library

Palleon comes with tons of carefully crafted templates, elements and frames. You can also extend the library by uploading your own files.


You can favorite templates, frames and elements you like, to be able to find them easily later.


You can undo or redo your actions. History feature allows you to browse all stored actions and restore any one as you want.

Image Compress

You can shrink JPEG and WEBP images to the minimum possible size while keeping the required level of quality.

Supported Formats

You can save or download anything you've created with Palleon as PNG, JPG, SVG, WEBP or JSON (Template). DPI setting allow you to get print-ready files.

Easily Share

Users can easily share saved images and templates by copying URLs or using social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin and Whatsapp).


If enabled, customizable watermark is added to the image automatically when user clicks save or download.

Banner Ads

You can add image banners to available fields. You can also select membership levels which will use Palleon without ads.

Lifetime Updates

We regularly update the plugin to add new features and to fix compatibility issues.

Plugin Settings

Palleon comes with an advanced settings page which allows you to customize the image editor as you wish.

palleon plugin settings

Back-End & Front-End

Palleon comes with 2 versions. Front-end version is optional and
can be enabled or disabled from settings. No login is required to use front-end version but users need to sign-in to use the following features.

What is the difference?

Loggedin Users

Non-Loggedin Users

Media Library Access
Media Library Uploads
Save Template
Add To Favorites
PRO Templates
Pexels & Pixabay Integration
Save User Settings
AI Image Generator (Add-on)
Watermark optional optional
  Demo Demo

Monetize Your Site With Palleon

Add additional value to your membership site. Palleon is compatible with the most popular membership plugins. You can allow image editor access for only selected membership levels from the plugin settings.

You can also choose which membership levels will be able to access your PRO templates or use Palleon without ads.


Product Designer

Palleon is also great for WooCommerce shop owners who want to showcase their products without having to learn complicated design software like Photoshop. Is that all?

No. Agama product designer for WooCommerce (Palleon add-on) allows you to sell any kind of customizable, print on demand product (t-shirt, hoodie, caps, mug, bag, sticker, poster etc.) on your WooCommerce store with ease!

Learn More
agama product designer for woocommerce
stable diffusion

AI Image Generator

Antimena add-on integrates and ClipDrop (by API’s to Palleon. Stable Diffusion is a powerful tool that can be used to create stunning images. Antimena AI Image Generator comes with handy AI tools which allow you to generate, save, download and edit AI images right from Palleon interface.

Learn More

Elementor Widgets

Calumma add-on allows you to showcase your Palleon templates on any page created with Elementor page builder.

With Pexels widget, users can browse millions of high-quality royalty free stock images and customize the images with Palleon Image Editor instantly.

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agama product designer for woocommerce

Pretty Awesome,
Isn't It?

Our library keeps growing and new features are coming. Order now and add a feature-rich image editor to your WordPress dashboard.

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